The 3 Step Morning Regime

For complete Protection and Flawless Skin

Step 1


Anti-Oxidant Serum
The Dr Prager Anti-Oxidant Serum is formulated to the highest Standard, it absorbes and increases your Skin's natural Anti-Oxidant Levels and fights free radical damage.

The Benefits
Our patients no longer worry so much about spending time outdoors.

Step 2


Day Oil
The Dr Prager Day Oil with Gold Flakes is a beautiful combination of dry, moisturizing Argan oil, Vitamin C and pure Gold for a luxurious finish. A smooth, longlasting blend for the prevention of environmental damage. Hydrating and soothing.

The Benefits
Argan oil is used all over Africa as a natural way to protect skin from sunlight.

Step 3


Day Moisturiser
The Dr Prager Moisturiser is the most advanced product for maintaining healthy skin. Specifically formulated to provide a protective shield against fine dust and city grime. Contains Zinc Oxide for added sun protection and a Primer like texture. Ideal for wearing under make up, in the Urban Environment or even at the Beach!

The Benefits
Provides sufficient protection from environmental damage even on its own.

Health is your greatest wealth


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