Protecting Your Skin Never Felt So Good

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Transform your health and regain your performance. Hydrogen is medically proven to neutralise free-radicals and increase your antioxidant levels immediately. The purest form of antioxidant you can get, all in a glass of still water. While most of our antioxidant intake comes from our food, the amount is minimal compared to our hydrogen infused water. Even vitamin supplements can’t come close!

“I have trusted Dr Prager with my face for about 11 years. He is a genius! I am so grateful that I found the clinic. Everyone is so friendly and do if you haven’t been before, don’t be nervous, you are in very safe hands!”

Chloe Maidment

“The Hydrogen Bar at Dr Michael Prager’s Knightsbridge is famed for its ability to reduce the impact of oxidative stress”

“Subtle Rejuvenation is Prager's Speciality”

The Clinic & Store Experience

Founded by one of the world’s leading cosmetic doctors, Dr Michael Prager Skincare embodies over 20 years of experience in the cosmedical environment. Visit the Clinic and Skincare Store for a Skin Consultation, to indulge in a facial (with our own Prager Skincare products, of course) or simply to browse our range! Our consultants will be able to attend to all your skincare needs. Using our Facial Imaging service, we can provide a detailed skin analysis to better understand which products and treatments are right for you.

All customers receive a free Prager Hydrogen Facial when you buy 3 or more products in store, so what are you waiting for? Come and visit us today!