Dr Michael Prager – Our Founder Dr Michael Prager – Our Founder

Dr Michael Prager – Our Founder

Dr Michael Prager – Our Founder Dr Michael Prager – Our Founder

"If I owned a pub and someone came in asking for a smoothie, I'd do my best to convince them that what they really wanted was a beer”

That was a quote our founder, Dr Michael Prager, gave to the Telegraph in a 2018 interview. 

In it he was illustrating that point that it’s the anti-ageing industry itself that made us believe lines and wrinkles were bad and if you removed them completely, you’d look younger.  This simply is not true. 

He’s cynical about the old styles of working, to say the least and with good reason.

In his two decades of experience working in the clinical anti-ageing arena, he’s had ample opportunity to research the causes and patterns of skin ageing, and curate the most effective treatments to address them. His approach doesn’t necessarily fit with the ‘frozen face’ stereotypes we’re used to seeing though. In fact, Dr Prager carried out research on 100 women using ten photographs that showed none of them found the stereotypical ‘Botox’ look attractive.  

As a result, his loyal client list - including some of the most discerning names (and faces) in the world, hold him in the highest regard when it comes to facial and body rejuvenation.  Unlike many other practitioners who treat the different parts of the face in isolation, Dr Prager’s method is to focus on the whole face.  His signature 8-point treatment methods and advanced 3D facial mapping techniques, work - not to erase all signs of lines and ageing from the face, but to soften lines and return the features to natural movement without excess sagging or wrinkling. 

Initially trained as a GP at the highly regarded Tubingen University, Dr Prager went on to specialise in clinical cardiovascular research in South Africa, working with athletes. From here he went on to study facial aesthetics, where he was shocked to find himself working with 50 and 60-year-olds, whose faces barely moved. 

He is a full member of the following professional associations and official bodies:

  • BACD – British Association of Cosmetic Doctors

  • MPS – Medical Protection Society

  • GMC – General Medical Council, Registration Number 4751063

  • Norwegian Health Authorities

  • IDF – Independent Doctor’s Forum

His policy of avoiding invasive surgery set him apart from most practitioners and ushered in a new generation of pro-age treatments that avoided the need for scalpels and anesthetics. This trademark approach – along with the safety of his procedures – has led to Dr Prager becoming one of the most sought-after aesthetic doctors in Europe. 

Prager Skincare was a natural ‘next-step’ in offering a holistic approach to age-rejuvenation. His experience and clinical research had taught him that contrary to previous beliefs, the sun was not the primary enemy of great skin. Instead, he saw that exposure to ever increasing levels of environmental pollution was leading to rapid ageing for men and women globally. His debut range Urban Protect ensures the skin is protected harmful pollutants, thus further saving the need for invasive work. 

When it came to developing the Urban Protect range, Dr Prager was determined to create formulas with the same integrity as his treatments, sourcing the highest quality naturals, and pairing them with all the expertise 20 years of clinical experience can offer. 

In the same way he had pioneered age-rejuvenation techniques to safely treat the signs of ageing without a need to resort to surgery, he created Urban Protect to slow down the need for intervention.